DealGali App

DealGali is a digital market place which serves as a B2C (Business to Customer) platform, where a business can expand just by directly targeting the customer base that it caters to, also customers get a great deal of benefits due to direct selling done by businesses. A business can just register itself in the category that it falls under in DealGali and then can easily start up-selling the goods or services that it offers. A customer when registered as a user gets access to all the deals which a business falling in a category nearest to the user’s location offers. A user can call the business enquire about the offer(Deal) whether running or expired, book an appointment in advance & then can easily avail the service.



The Catalyst application has four pillars of sales force management - People, selling style and tools, sales reporting-cum-communication and sales analysis. Catalyst mobile app is a multipurpose app that has several facets to it:

  • Captures sales target by employee
  • Aids in planning and charting out sales target for the entire sales calendar year
  • Helping tool
  • Not for surveillance - don’t keep location services switched
  • Knowledge repository - explanation of product code, reading material on products.

docOPD App

On a mission to transform global healthcare delivery system for everyone

Booking engine for de-centralise hospitals, clinics from a centralise system. Managing different offers and benefit from various hospital and clinics. Managing a huge volume of large medical practicerners, hospitals, clinics. There was a big problem to manage single doctor with multiple hospitals or clinics. Medical Records Keeping, go paperless with docOPD, manage,upload and share your medical records. Discreet, private and secure, consultations should always be completely private and confidential. All medical data is encrypted, stored securely and accessible only by you. So in nutshell we wanted to have a product very strong from inside and simple and sleek from outside.