Driver Distraction Detection

Driver status detection is an essential task because mobile phone use, fatigue, and drowsiness are major causes of road accident. This puts lives of drivers, passengers and pedestrians at risk.

We have developed this solution to minimise road accidents. We stream real time video with image processing and machine learning to monitor several physiological and cognitive states (e.g. drowsiness, phone use, etc.) that influence human performance. Our solutions are mainly based on the analysis of eye and face features both – independently and in combination.

Driver Distraction Icons
Fatal road accidents
involve driver fatigue
alcohol-icons Icons
Accidents due to
alcohol consumption
phone-calls-icon Icons
Mobile Phone
Distraction caused due to
use of mobile phone


  • Machine Vision
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Linear SVM
  • Python C++

Product Details

Road accident is the major cause of mortality accounting for over 1.35 million fatalities each year. Majority of these accidents are caused due to distraction or the drowsiness of driver.

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