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Every Industry Needs Technology

Good in-depth knowledge of the industry brings better technology integration. Technology is needed to improvise processes, operations, and customer services. We learned about some industries and build technology to scale business growth.

Financial Technology (Fintech)

Fintech itself explains the importance of technology in financial services. We are able to bring financial services at the fingertips and that too does not require any physical documentation. We are integrating technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Data Science to provide automated and improved financial services.

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Financial Technology (Fintech)

Education (EduTech)

Technology changed the way teachers and students were engaged in education industry. Technology is essential to help educational institutions and educators more effective and efficient. We are building eLearning technology with Augmented Reality(AR), Virtual Reality(VR), Distant Learning, Learning Analytics, Gamification.

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One of the positive impacts of technology is visible in healthcare. Technology helping physicians to better diagnose and treat patients. We are building the latest health tech products to save countless lives all around the world. We are proud to be a part of digital healthcare transformation whether it's Telemedicine, Artificial Intelligence(AI), Smart medical devices, and blockchain medical records.

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Technology empowers customers to hold the power in the market. The global e-commerce market is growing rapidly and holds 16% of total market share. Every store wants to have e-commerce store, shopping apps, marketplaces to acquire more clients online. We are helping customers to have Demand-driven forecasting, Digital supply chain, AI/DL powered personalized product recommendations, More offers, One-Click Checkouts, various payment integration with all local bank's payment gateway including UPI like Whatsapp, Paytm, Apple Pay, PayPal, and UPI.

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Without technology, you can't imagine to give a reality of your idea. Startup starts to disrupt the processes or invent new things. We carry startup DNA, we know how to take zero to one for your startup. Our technology blend with your startup idea to make a real product. Startup Entrepreneurs need not worry about the aesthetic look and feel, right technology selection, finding the right talent, a technology partner or consultant, in-house, or out-source development.

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Bringing more transparency or upgrading your organization processes, you need technology. We understand the enterprise opportunity comes with enterprise complexity as well. We have solved many puzzles including, upgraded solution development, consumer tech, new security threat, data protection, skill gaps mixing with “greybeards", innovation and digital transformation, Agility.

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Agriculture Tech

Farm to your plate. Yes, we are working on various projects to bring this reality and technology is the key to make it success. Now convenience is not limited to the local kirana (grocery store) only. Better food, supply chain, and enhancing food production is the biggest problem to solve. Agritech startup can bridge the gap in the Agri value chain, solving the farming issues, using modern farming sensors and technology to automate farming.


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